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Its pretty chill, like an afterhours thing. If you wanted to give it a little more energy, a stronger kick would do the trick. Reminds me of Deep house a bit. It feels like it should be building up to something, I'd say. More melodies to make the loop less repetitive and nice and longer would be great.

Not bad all things said.

Paranoidhumanoise responds:

Yeah, i had a 808 kick in there but i think i might have cut a bit too much low end in my final mix.
Thanks for the feedback!

This thing. You need to make it longer. You can't just tease me and then cut it out right when it's getting good. It's like, totally not nice man, and I feel so unsatisfied. Seriously,the song is just building up to something, and then it just stops dead in its tracks, like it's not finished at all.

Besides that minor detail, I can't really find any other flaws in it. I mean, the beginning is kinda weird, but besides that it definitely sounds nice.

I really like this one! My only gripe is the nearly inaudible bassline? It sounds like this weird low growl far into the background, and I don't really like all that much. I'd expect a more swingy, a tad bit more "in-your-face" bassline, a bit like the kind seen in old-timey jazz songs. But right now it's sortof implied rather than being there. I suppose that's really just a personal gripe though, since clearly the focus of the song is on the two leads.

Speaking of which, I really like how your two leads complement each other. It's sounds like the song was improvised live on a stage, with just an inkling of prep time. The two musicians look at each other, and each do their thing, but working with each other rather than against. The drummer slaps out a rhythm, paying attention to his fellow performers, making fills whenever his bandmates do something spectacular(The bit starting at :38 is quite nice because of that.)

My point is, it feels quite organic in spite of having been made with synths. And that's partly why I like it. It's an eclectic synth-jazz piece with that 3/4 time signature, and those aren't made much these days. It would have been nice if it had been a bit longer I suppose.

As an aside, newgrounds is making your audio skip very much. I don't get the problem when listening to the song on my computer, so I assume it's the websites fault.

that is all.

SoulSecure responds:

The bassline is quite audible if you play it through some nice speakers, like a stereo. It's hard to get synths to sound like a bass (which the song is actually written for a guitar, sax and a bass), because when they go into the low notes they usually drop the crisper mid, mid-hi and treble frequencies that make it easier to hear. In this case I used something that you can actually hear if you use speakers or a headset that can bring it out more, because the bass is actually just as loud (on a dB meter) as the sax (left synth). I could have gone for a more poppin' bass tune, but I wanted a driving bass run, because they're fun to play and I don't usually write runs.

I really wanted to focus on harmony with this one and in the midst of that, I dropped my usual melancholy sound and ended up with something that reminded me of the desert level in Banjo-Kazooie. I would've liked it to be longer as well, but it comes out so smoothly that I didn't want to try to add to it for fear of it losing it's magic.

Yeah, it skips for me, too. I have no idea why the player is doing that.

Thanks for the review!

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